Melanie Clark

Executive Assistant

Many people search for that elusive “work-life balance,” but Melanie Clark doesn’t stop there. She wants to achieve “work-life harmony” for every person on her team. And that means fostering a workplace full of care, transparency, and empowerment.

As the tireless executive assistant supporting both Chris and Suz, Melanie has a lot to manage. And yet, while coordinating countless meetings and plane flights, she always considers an additional layer of priorities: people’s family lives and personal well being. A true nurturer, she takes the extra steps to ensure that she sets everyone up for complete success—on all fronts.

In fact, Melanie doesn’t even think of this as a “job.” This is a dream career, and she’s truly excited to spend each day with friendly, genuine people who look out for one another. In all of her previous professional roles, she’s never found a place quite like this.

With seventeen grandchildren (so far), her own calendar is pretty full of soccer games, baseball and softball playoffs, and music recitals. Still, she manages to go scuba diving in the Red Sea, play a little piano, and enjoy warm summer days in the great outdoors with people she loves.

Melanie is here to help her colleagues find the same happy balance, and reach a new level of harmony. And it’s these kinds of values that make her the perfect executive assistant for our founders and LPs . She’s fully invested in the culture—and people—of Pelion.