Kylie Dubois

Executive Assistant

Kylie Dubois, known by most people as just “Ky” joined the Pelion team in October 2014 and still claims she enjoys every day of it.

She attended college at Brigham Young University – Hawaii. Living in Hawaii was rough, you see. While there, she was forced to learn how to surf, hike extremely high mountains, and swim with dolphins, all while fiercely attending to her studies. The results of her time spent in Hawaii paid off. She left with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, excellent time management skills, and a taste for adventure, all which will serve her well here.

Post graduation, she decided to spend time in Washington, D.C. as an intern for U.S. Travel Association. If asked, which she prefers better – the laid-back, sunshine of Hawaii, or fast-paced, historical, D.C. The answer is both (too hard to choose). Her heart is evenly split between both. Her ambitious side loves the excitement and energy of a large city, but her cool laid back style beckons the ease of the beach and sun.

That combination of hardworking and easygoing personality makes for a great addition to our team. We love having her here because she’s eager to learn, quick witted and can roll with the punches, as you know. Whether it’s meeting participation, deciphering our notes, or balancing six people’s schedules while managing incoming communications, she’s proved to be an beloved invaluable asset to our team and firm.

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In her personal time, we’ve heard rumblings that she loves to shop. If Google map can’t locate her glued to her desk working hard or hiking the local terrain or communing with dolphins, it will probably triangulate on her at the nearest J. Crew sale. #jcrewsale #LV2SHP #showyouhowitsdone #gladshejoinedtheteam