Kaelyn Farmer

Project Manager

Kaelyn Farmer can adapt to almost any situation you throw at her. Whether she’s exploring architecture in New England, or cheering for college football in the heart of the South, she’s always open minded and optimistic.

As project manager, these talents make Kaelyn a perfect match for the role. She switches through hundreds of gears to manage schedules, plan events, assist the finance team with projects, and oversee Pelion’s social media. Her ability to connect with different personalities helps her understand people’s goals, and anticipate exactly what they need (sometimes before they even know it).

With over ten years of management experience and a string of accolades, Kaelyn knows how to streamline operations—and when challenges arise, she stays focused on the solution. Still, she believes that the most successful teams slow down to focus on their values and support their teammates. She recognized that quality in Pelion from day one, and the trend only continues to grow stronger under her leadership.

Kaelyn is fully invested in constant improvement, for both herself and her team. From early morning workouts, to continued business education, to perpetual reading, no one’s quite sure how she fits it all in. She brings that dedication and discipline to everything she does at Pelion.

Outside of the office, you might find Kaelyn taking a dance class, or scouring the city for her new favorite restaurant. She enjoys weekend trips to see family in California and Tennessee, but she loves returning to the mountains of Utah. They make her feel like she’s living in a postcard.