Jaquie McKay


Jaquie McKay joined Pelion Venture Partners in 1998. And while she may be our Chief Financial Officer, she’s known internally for a role of even greater importance. She’s the official representative of Pelion’s unflinching work ethic.

Call it a side effect of growing up on a farm with five sisters — and no brothers. Or just call it good, old-fashioned self-discipline. Either way, it means Jaquie brings to the table a level of competence and professionalism that’s pretty hard to come by. (Which, by the way, is why Jaquie’s the one who makes sure we’re in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the Small Business Administration.)

What our team loves about Jaquie is that she serves the function of an adult chaperone without coming across as, well, an adult chaperone. She’s solid, dependable and, in the team’s own words, one of those rare individuals who doesn’t demand loyalty and respect. She inspires it.

But above all else, the team admires Jaquie’s skill. Particularly when it comes to money. And that keeps the firm (as well as the team) running smoothly.
As for what she does for the entrepreneur, well, she takes care of business. She’s responsible for the fund’s financial reports and audits. Not to mention the limited partners’ investment allocations and distributions. And, needless to say, she definitely has the necessary skills and qualifications.

In fact, Jaquie has a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of Utah. Not to mention more than 20 years of private accounting experience. And prior to joining Pelion Partners, she managed the accounting operations for three law firms — where, in addition to sharpening her already impressive financial skills, she heard a lifetime’s worth of lawyer jokes.

Jaquie also managed the accounting operations of a commercial real estate management company in Salt Lake City. And, as the former owner and manager of a small business of her own, she has entrepreneur chops as well.

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“Jaquie is often our adult supervision. Solid and dependable and willing to put up with us. She is the master of all things money. She is great about keeping us on the hook for firm receipts (some of us have even been put on the naughty list) and making sure the firm is running smoothly.”

- Amanda Damjanovich


Jaquie’s time away from work is spent hanging out with family and friends. She enjoys reading, gardening, cooking and — this, of course, goes without saying — exercising. Preferably at her daughter’s fitness studio. Where she loves to work off her love for chocolate.