Diane Tomaszkowicz

Executive Assistant

Most executive assistants would likely find themselves overwhelmed if they were charged with managing the lives of our own Carl, Chad, Ben, and Holly. The more complicated and frantic things get, the more determined and focused she becomes. Perhaps such poise is a byproduct of her studies at Arizona State. After all, by her own admission, she did receive her degree in human communications. And as everyone knows, good communication skills are the key to any successful interaction between humans. But don’t think Diane is content just to communicate in English. After spending every Saturday for ten years attending Polish school, Diane is fluent in – you guessed it – Polish.

Diane’s amazing bi-lingual communication skills, though, are just part of the story. As proof, just consider this little nugget of information: Diane has been a bridesmaid nineteen times. (For fans of 27 Dresses, that’s just eight short of a movie.) Which means there’s much more to Diane than the nineteen bridesmaid dresses she’ll probably never wear again. Namely, lovability. If you’re not lovable, a single bridesmaid gig is pretty hard to come by. But nineteen? Forget it.

And in case you’re wondering what Diane does in her down time, would it surprise you to learn that she takes relaxing just as seriously as she takes working? Sure, as a die hard Sun Devil, it’s no secret that Diane loves college football. That’s easy. But she also loves hiking, running, boating, snowboarding and traveling. Which, to come full circle, are almost as physically challenging as managing the daily lives of Carl, Chad, Ben and Holly. Just ask Diane. Assuming, of course, you’re lucky enough to catch her standing still.