Chris Cooper


I spent the better part of two decades in the software and tech industry. And for many of those years, I carried a bag myself. I also managed sales teams, strategic relations organizations, and development teams.

As for venture investing, I cut my teeth at a corporate venture organization where I fell in love with entrepreneurship and all that company building entails. If you want to discover amazing, passionate, gifted and committed people – that’s where you’ll find them.

In my spare time, I enjoy running distances that are thoroughly unnecessary. And while I enjoy marathons, I’ve also discovered that running the occasional 50-miler can be a real gas. In fact, my LinkedIn profile picture is from a Grand Canyon double-cross (44 miles from rim-to-rim-to-rim), which turned out to be more fun to talk about than to actually experience.

My wife Holly is a type 1 diabetic and kidney transplant recipient who still insists on running marathons herself. Which, needless to say, is pretty amazing. And one of the main reasons I’ve come to admire people who are equally determined to succeed.

Luckily for me, those are exactly the kind of people who are drawn to the world of venture and company building. Which makes me lucky to be a part of it. And the people I work with at Pelion are among the best.

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“Many of you may not know this but Chris just finished running the Boston Marathon. He literally just got home. His time? 6 months, 5 days, 11hrs, and 55 minutes. We’re really proud.”

- Carl Ledbetter

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