Ben Dahl

Venture Partner

Our founding partner Jim Dreyfous once gave me a hat with the moniker “permanent student” as a Christmas present. While he meant to highlight (read: tease me about) the amount of time I spent in graduate and post-graduate study (read: harass me about my office wallpaper of diplomas from august institutions), the broader point is true. It is not just the years of study toward a JD and an MBA, but also the desire and commitment every day to learn from entrepreneurs, my partners and co-investors, not to mention my friends and my family.

My parents taught me to always approach life with a curious mind as well as the determination to be successful. My dad grew up on a dairy farm during the depression / World War II, rising early to milk the cows and working farm machinery well before he should have. My mom went to medical school well before women were particularly plentiful or welcome in the halls of the hospital as anything more than a nurse. My grandfather, also a doctor, brought home phlebotomy kits for her and her sister to practice drawing blood before matriculation so that they would be ready to compete.

During my career, I have been a co-founder, COO & General Counsel of a startup, Unspam Technologies, where I co-created Project Honey Pot, a distributed honey pot network designed to identify, track and correlate spammers, email address harvesters and the like. I have also re-capped Echo Networks, a flagging dot-com, with strategic investments from massive music retailers to compete with the likes of iTunes. I also practiced law at Cooley LLP.

When I am away from the office, I enjoy my time with my wife and kids, traveling, skiing, cooking and eating a great meal.

As an investor at Pelion since 2007, Through the various stages of my stages of my career and education whether that be entrepreneur, attorney, undergrad, grad student or investor, I have counted myself lucky to continue to learn; to work hard for our entrepreneurs, our companies and our limited partners; and, above all, to continue to form and foster the friendships that form close friendships that serve as both the cornerstone and the capstone of success.

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“Ben has so many degrees hanging on his office wall, there is barely any white space available. And believe me, they were worth every penny – I should know, I have a few as well.”

– Carl Ledbetter

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