Neurala selected as one of Disrupt 100 companies

We are proud to recognize Neurala’s distinguished position as a categorical influencer leading the pack in AI making Disrupt 100 list.  Disrupt 100 celebrates the businesses with the most potential to influence, change, or create new global markets. The list has been compiled and curated by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, and business people.

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How They’re Disrupting

Neurala has created The Neurala Brain – a deep-learning neural network software that makes smart products such as drones, driverless cars, toys, and body-worn cameras more autonomous, smart and useful. Using this technology, products with a camera will have the ability to find, recognize and track objects in real-time from images.

Neurala’s algorithm is the only commercially available artificial intelligence software that enables not only inference but also learning to occur at the compute edge. Its technology uses a bio-inspired approach to mimic the human brain and, most innovatively, boasts a proprietary technique that allows it to learn new objects even after it’s been initially trained.

Nuerala, as a distinguished leader in AI, serves a global AI market worth approximately $2.42 billion

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