Rubicon Labs Congratulates Whit Diffie On Being Awarded the Turing Award

The entire Rubicon Labs team congratulates Whit Diffie on winning the prestigious Turing Award, the computer industry’s highest honor. Whit shared the one million dollar award with his research partner Martin E. Hellman. Together, they invented public key cryptography and are considered the fathers of the modern-day cyber-security industry. Rubicon Labs is honored that Whit Diffie is a founding member of its Technical Advisory Board and has contributed key insights to help shape the company’s strategic approach to cyber-security.

“Whit is a true legend in the security industry, and Rubicon Labs is fortunate to have him as a resource for our team,” said Rubicon Labs CEO Dave Lundgren. “Whit’s work has truly created the foundation for our industry, and we at Rubicon Labs are honored to work with him.”