Bowstreet provided portal-based tools and technology that helps companies bring together corporate applications, documents, databases and other enterprise information into a single, integrated portal application. Acquired by IBM (NYSE: IBM)


Ayeca delivered technology enabling mobile operators to centrally manage identities and profiles in the mobile and m-commerce applications market.


Axonix developed and manufactured peripherals for portable computers.

Arcot Systems

Arcot’s cloud authentication solutions protect web transactions and online access to make them safe for millions of consumers, enterprises and ecommerce users.


Adapx helps businesses and agencies speed data collection and streamline operations with Capturx™ software. Capturx enables paper designs, maps, and forms to be filled out or marked up with a digital pen, which digitizes the handwriting and integrates the data directly into Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and leading GIS and CAD systems.


Acteea is a provider of on-demand, multi-channel ecommerce solutions to small and medium-sized online retailers.

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