Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data unifies data discovery, business intelligence, and real-time visualization in a single, integrated platform that runs natively on your Hadoop clusters. No additional hardware required.


YotaScale, Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup that is defining systems management for cloud computing.


ZipBooks is free accounting software that sends invoices, tracks time and expenses, integrates with your bank and lets you process credit cards.


Insightful Communication – Weave serves up the right kind of insights at the right time to make every customer interaction more informed, more familiar (friendly), more effective.


Omadi CRM software is a cloud-based solution built for targeted service industries to track, analyze, and increase employee production, enhance communication within companies and between clients, and replace the need for multiple software solutions.


UNIFI was founded with a mission of solving the ubiquitous data acquisition and integration problem that has plagued enterprises since the dawn of data warehousing


Gem refines blockchain technology to power smart networks that connect industries.

Misapplied Sciences

Misapplied Sciences is a stealth-mode startup utilizing innovative display technology.

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