Votem® is a blockchain-based mobile voting platform enabling citizens around the world to easily vote online with unprecedented verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency.


SettleMint is the world’s most powerful in-browser blockchain development platform. Rapidly build and deploy Web3 services, DApps, and mint NFTs with a low-code, user-friendly interface. With our ready-to-use tools you can bring your use case to production in weeks.


Formant helps people speak robot. Formant empowers the next generation of robotics and automation by providing scalable cloud infrastructure that enables collaboration between people and robots, allowing companies to focus on building robot applications.  Founded by a team of  former talent from Google, Savioke, and Redwood Robotics — Formant believes that more efficient cloud infrastructure […]


Astound is an enterprise software company that develops an AI platform for employee service. The Astound AI platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate IT and HR service and support. Astound is the only company to automate the entire lifecycle of service requests, reducing resolution time and improving work life. are developers of the world’s fastest and most efficient real-time stream processing software engine. Leveraging general-purpose computing on GPUs, has developed its Plasma Engine™, a high-performance computing software engine, to exploit the massively parallel processing capability of NVIDIA’s GPU platform. The Plasma Engine accelerates stream processing up to three orders of magnitude faster, […]


Founded in 2016, Cake is an early stage, venture-backed startup located in Utah focused on making the web more accessible and delightful on mobile.  Comprised of new school and old school techies that share a love for the web, the team’s leadership comes from both technology and consumer-facing operations at, Lendio, Nav, Studio, and Brandr.


Neighbor, the Airbnb of Storage, connects hosts with unused empty space in or around their home to renters in need of self storage.


CloudCherry Customer Experience Management software helps global enterprises improve customer experience, track customer journeys, and boost profitability.

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