Netki is a leading provider of remote digital identity verification technology, intended to facilitate compliance with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Netki technology is uniquely adapted to the needs of ICOs and token sales and indeed is the first and only solution built specifically for blockchain companies.


Monarx protects Web environments against successful attacks. Cloud-delivered backdoor/web shell prevention for open-source CMS systems.


UpGuard provides visibility into the state of your IT infrastructure, enabling you to understand your risk potential, prevent breaches, and speed up software delivery.


Icebrg is a stealth-mode company specializing in enterprise network security.


Gem refines blockchain technology to power smart networks that connect industries.

Big Panda

BigPanda is a data science platform for centralizing and correlating all of your IT alerts.

Rubicon Labs

Rubicon Labs, Inc., provides identity as a service  and trusted security for devices in the high-growth Internet of Things (IoT) market. Its cloud-based IoT Identity Platform is unique because it can scale down to secure low- resource and low-power IoT devices that are the backbone of IoT networks. Rubicon’s platform also allows enterprises to create […]


Elastica offers Data Science Powered, a cloud application security system for technology companies.

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