Bankorus is a blockchain banking platform for individuals and institutions, enabling you to buy, sell, store and lend digital assets simply and securely. Bankorus’ platform is being built to meet applicable regulatory requirements, and to support innovation around digital assets and blockchain applications.


FinClusive is a hybrid fin-/reg-tech company that provides a low-cost, high compliance, fully integrated and blockchain-enabled digital banking, routing, and payments platform, securely accessible for the world’s underserved, excluded, or financially challenged.

Chainstone Labs

Chainstone Labs is a stealth mode start-up focused on blockchain, tokenization of securities, and decentralized asset management.


Bitt’s solutions are critical for the operationalization of CBDC and digital currencies for all ecosystem participants. The Bitt Digital Currency Management System (DCMS) enables central banks to efficiently deploy a CBDC of their own, while also enabling financial institutions to integrate with internet native payment rails (CBDCs, stablecoins, and cryptocurrencies), manage their treasury operations, and […]


PeerNova’s mission is to empower firms to make confident and timely decisions using high-quality data. The Cuneiform® Platform enables users to monitor data quality metrics, identify high-impact exceptions, and perform faster root-cause analysis across internal and external datasets in real-time.


Symbiont is a leading technology company focused on solving complex global finance problems using a novel enterprise blockchain solution. An early pioneer of smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies, Symbiont’s Assembly™ blockchain is the first enterprise platform developed to remove operational friction from the life cycle of financial instruments while enabling real-time data sharing with […]


Spera provides all the back-office tools a freelancer needs to get paid. A secure and superior task management app that automatically initiates an invoice, facilitates payments, and keeps track of gigs. Spera offer freelancers effortless, task management, efficiency through an app that easily integrates payable tasks into an invoice through a single swipe on a […]