Data-driven outdoor advertising. Utilize Firefly’s network of vivid screens to target your audience with unparalleled precision for maximum impact.


ObservePoint is committed to providing web analysts with exceptional quality assurance tools to improve the quality and reliability of web analytics data and enabling companies to take confidence in their data-driven decisions.


Conviva enables cost-effective video distribution over the Internet by bringing together the disciplines of high-scale, parallel compute processing and real-time algorithmic inference with policy management to optimize both the quality and cost of online video. Content owners have the instant audience insights they require for success.

Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science is the digital advertising industry’s recognized leader in brand protection and ad engagement data.


Webmiles provided loyalty solutions for airline miles. was an early provider of private label Internet radio for Web sites.


Shout is an interactive mobile game that brings together the watching of broadcast live events and mobile trivia.


Sennari developed the industry’s first mobile loyalty and CRM platform aimed at providing solutions for building customer loyalty, reducing churn and creating new revenue streams. Acquired by Emotive

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