We have sector appeal.

(And we’re not afraid to show it).

At Pelion, we’re kind of particular about the opportunities in which we choose to invest. For starters, they have to address problems that we’ve all experienced. Because in order to transform an idea into a big, dominant, force-of-nature business, you have to actually care about it on a personal level. Anything else amounts to just going through the motions. Which is something we’ve never been accused of doing. Mainly because, well, we’re often drawn to big, crazy, unconventional thinking. The kind that has the potential to revolutionize markets and, more importantly, to change lives.



Our software investments are the engine of the computing revolution. That may sound like we’re overstating things a bit, but, truth is, software is what differentiates one technology company from another. And for good reason. Simply put, software has the power to fundamentally alter the big picture by creating new platforms and delivering entirely new business models. As well as the values that go with them.


Infrastructure and Storage

There are two terms that address everything we need to say about our commitment to plentiful storage: Big data and analytics. Here’s why. Without exaggeration, the current explosion of information, cloud storage, business intelligence and flash storage are radically changing the storage industry as we know it. And, lucky for us, the same radical change is driving something else we’re equally excited about. New opportunities.



The battle to keep our digital property secure may be the same, but new fronts are opening up every day. Which means the only way to win the war is to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. And these days, building a bigger wall just isn’t enough. That’s why we rely on self-learning, adaptive and intelligent systems to counter every conceivable threat in advance. Because the way we see it, the easiest breach to defend against is the one that never happens.


Open Source

There’s no denying that open source is the new black. Its sudden popularity has enabled it to spread throughout the entire technology stack, driving massive adoption and innovation in the process. And the results have been pretty impressive. Smart companies have been able to build good platforms with strong communities. Or, as we like to call them, perfect – and growing – business models.


Digital Media

As the digital revolution changes people’s lives, consumer consumption patterns have changed as well. Digital media is the tool we use to recognize and monetize these new patterns. Which is good news for the entire industry.


Divergent Minds

Not all good ideas fit in a box, and some ideas just have no limits. Tell us yours.