ObservePoint Announces $6.5 Million Series A Round to Fuel Data Quality Assurance Platform

ObservePoint’s new Data Quality Assurance platform enables digital marketers and analysts to validate marketing data for any digital marketing technology.

Provo, Utah, March 13, 2015 – ObservePoint (http://www.observepoint.com), a leader in data quality assurance for digital marketing platforms, announced $6.5M in Series A financing today, while simultaneously launching a new innovative and proprietary Data Quality DataAssurance™ Platform. This announcement also includes substantial updates in being able to more accurately validate customer data being collected by analytics tools, ad platforms, optimization tags and tag management systems.

The financing follows the company’s breakout 2014 year in bookings and over 300% company growth. With this round of capital, ObservePoint prepares to take the next step. The digital marketing community will continue to see innovation around validating digital marketing data.

Innovation & Growth
“These updates expand our capabilities in a way that our customers find tremendous value,” said Robert Seolas, ObservePoint CEO, “We’ll continue to remain product and solution agnostic as we focus on ensuring all digital data is collected accurately. There are many amazing marketing technologies out there, and we intend to work with all of them, to help ensure the data is properly implemented and giving you the big picture on your big data.”

“What used to be nearly impossible or taken literally thousands of hours, can now be done automatically with scheduled digital audits,” said John Pestana, former Omniture co-­‐founder and current co-­‐founder of ObservePoint. “One of the challenges we had when we built SiteCatalyst(now Adobe Analytics), was the complexity of tagging every page with all the different variables and events you would want to collect about your customers. Things are even more difficult with the advent of so many other marketing tools. ObservePoint provides the on-­‐going assurance that your data is accurate and matches your solution design reference.”

“We are very excited to partner with ObservePoint on their next phase of growth,” said Chris Cooper, of Pelion Venture Partners. “John and Robert have built a market-­‐ready data quality platform, and have assembled a team of the brightest minds in the industry.”

“We have full confidence that ObservePoint will continue to innovate and become a crucial part of every business that collects and values customer data,” said Jeff Burningham of Peak Capitol.

About ObservePoint
Based in Provo, Utah ObservePoint is the leader in Data Quality Assurance – a critical practice in digital marketing technology management. ObservePoint protects the ROI of digital marketing technology and resolves significant obstacles in data-­‐driven decision making. As the most innovative company in Data Quality Assurance, ObservePoint has several issued patents for its proprietary technology, which allows marketers to validate tag deployments at an unparalleled speed and scale.

About Pelion Venture Partners
Pelion is an early stage technology venture capital firm with a national track record of investing in software-­‐based businesses that manage the exponential growth in the movement of information, or “bits,” across wired and wireless networks. Founded in 1986, Pelion brings seasoned expertise, a dogged work ethic, and a sense of humor to the working relationship.

About Peak Ventures
Peak Ventures is an early-­‐stage venture capital firm based in Provo, Utah. Peak Ventures backs talented entrepreneurs going after big markets with exceptional technologies. The thesis is simple: innovation and those who drive it are at the top of the food chain – not the VC. The team is made up of entrepreneurs experienced in the grind of starting, operating, growing and harvesting exciting companies.

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