Mind-bending new screen technology uses ‘magic pixel’ to display different content to multiple people

Walking through the airport, you look up at the big screen to find your gate. But this is no ordinary public display. Rather than a list of arrivals and departures, you see just your flight information, large enough to view from a distance. Other travelers who look at the same screen, at the same time, see their flight information instead.

On the road, traffic signals are targeted individually to your car and other vehicles as they move — showing you a red light when you won’t make the intersection in time, and displaying a green light to another driver who can make it through safely.

At a stadium, the scoreboard displays stats for your favorite players. Fans nearby, each looking simultaneously at the same screen, instead see their favorites and other content customized to them.

These are examples of the long-term potential for “parallel reality” display technology to personalize the world, as envisioned by Misapplied Sciences Inc., a Redmond, Wash.-based startup founded by a small team of Microsoft and Walt Disney Imagineering veterans.

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