Grow Raises $11M Series A Round, Funding Poetry Is Now In Session

Utah has proven it has the talent and the drive to produce great companies. We’re excited to be part of that with Grow.

Provo-based Grow has closed an $11 million Series A round led by Toba Capital.

This is notable news on three levels. First, $11 million is a sizable chunk of change that Grow can use to up their simplified data game. Second, the investment represents Toba’s first venture into Utah — they are located in SF (that’s San Francisco, not Spanish Fork) and most of their money has been dispensed into Slicon Valley-based companies. High five for Utah progress. Last but not least, Toba founder and software billionaire Vinny Smith will be joining Grow’s Board of Directors.

“Grow is taking businesses to the next level with their data, allowing them to better compete by becoming more sophisticated and strategic,” Smith said in a statement. “Utah has proven it has the talent and the drive to produce great companies. We’re excited to be part of that with Grow.”

We profiled Grow in December 2014, when they were a kernel of a company fresh off the ecstasy of a $1.5M funding round. You can read that profile here which I highly encourage, mainly to learn about Grow but also to read Meg Walter giving her thoughts on sports.

To complement today’s news, Grow is releasing an updated version of their platform that expands the ways companies and employees can interact with data in the simplest terms possible. High five for simple data interaction.

In honor of the round I’ve composed a funding poem, as has become custom at Beehive Startups. Please enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Growing Is Living

Growing is living
rising from nothing into
something that people see and
say, I wish I was that.

Growing is living
providing data to the masses in
simple forms that cause spreadsheets
to weep.

Growing is living
moving forward eleven million steps at a time
while convincing a man named Vinny
to watch over every single one.

Growing is living,
under a Utah sky
that holds companies and people of every shape and size

Read the original story on Beehive Startups By Chris Rawle on July 15, 2016