33Across Unveils ‘Bot-Free, Fully Viewable’ Marketplace

May 12, 2015

Viewability woes and fraudulent traffic continue to nag at digital marketers, but ad tech firm 33Across on Tuesday rolled out two new solutions that it contends will eliminate these concerns.

The company has announced the launch of a new platform, named Real Platform, that it says will guarantee that the ads traded will be viewable and seen by humans, not bots. The platform was designed for programmatic buyers but also supports I/O purchases, Real-Time Daily was told.

There will be two distinct marketplaces on the new platform, per 33Across: Real Impact and Real Display. The “Impact” marketplace will guarantee 100% viewability and fraud-free placements, while the “Display” marketplace will block suspicious traffic and deliver ads above the fold.

33Across has partnered with Integral Ad Science to evaluate the quality of impressions sold on its new marketplaces, per a release. Integral’s technology will used to measure viewability and halt fraudulent traffic.

33Across also says it will up its vetting process when selecting which publishers will participate on the new marketplaces. “To ensure buyers receive quality inventory, all publishers must pass a stringent twelve-step inventory quality process and ongoing weekly quality monitoring to participate in the Real Platform,” writes 33Across in a press release.

The announcement of 33Across’ new marketplaces come just one day after programmatic video ad platform TubeMogul and Integral released a study that concluded video marketers can save up to 15% to 22% of spend by optimizing campaigns based on human traffic and in-view ads. While TubeMogul’s study dealt with video ads exclusively, bot-free, viewable ads are sought after in display trading as well.

“Many of our clients hold us accountable when it comes to ensuring that specific viewability and brand safety metrics are upheld, ” stated Lora Parker, chief operating officer, Amnet Group U.S. “We are excited to provide our clients with a solution that guarantees 100% in-view and bot-free inventory.”

33Across claims the new platform has over 200 buy-side integrations with numerous demand-side platforms (DSPs), trading desks, networks and agencies.

Launch partners include the 4As, Ogilvy, Criteo, Integral Ad Science, Amnet and Augustine Fou, an independent ad fraud researcher.

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