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Pelion is an early stage venture capital firm bent on exceeding the expectations of unapologetic entrepreneurs who shoot for the moon. A pursuit made possible by decades of experience, unwavering know-how and (most importantly) gritty, over-the-top determination.

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At Pelion, we work closely with visionary entrepreneurs to build innovative and disruptive businesses. Our team’s deep technology, investing and operational expertise make Pelion a trusted and valuable partner to support businesses as they move progressively through each stage of development.

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Recent News & Media

Millennial Money: How to Get Credit When You Have None

Alternative methods to gauge an applicant’s risk are being developed and used to offer cards that don’t require a security deposit and look beyond a traditional credit score. Deserve, which began offering cards in 2017, has three cards: the Deserve Classic for people new to credit, the Deserve Edu for students and the Deserve Pro for people with limited credit.

Neurala Awarded Patent for Multi-Modal AI Sensing and Object Detection

New patent furthers Neurala’s mission to develop AI that learns in the same way that humans do. Award-winning AI company Neurala announced that it has been awarded a new patent for technology that will enable AI to make sense of its environment based on multiple sensory inputs, in the same way as the human brain works.